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Special Arrangements

Special Arrangements

With us you will find a huge variety of UK escort services that will dazzle your heads and leave you wanting more. Not only do we pay attention to taking care of your every desire, we also provide special arrangements for our special customers. If your interests towards our companions are a bit unconventional do not worry – this will only make them an even more extraordinary experience. It goes without saying, many men need party girls to accompany them to an event or to travel with them. Yet, not everyone has a lady to respond to in such cases, so we have trained our girls how to provide an amazing company for such special moments.


At London Escorts, we have ensured that our special arrangement services include the option to take one of our lovely party girls to a nice romantic dinner. Our girls have a lot of experience in how to behave accordingly in such classy venues. Everything rom their choice of evening attire to the way they carry themselves will be immaculate. Our party girls will be entertaining you thought the dinner and afterwards as well. You won’t feel like there’s nothing to talk about and are sure to experience a lot of special moments if you choose to dine with our party girls who will not leave you bored for a second.

Night Entertainment

If you have decided to go clubbing or another type of evening entertainment, give us a call and we’ll make sure the girl we send you, will show you a great time showing you fantastic places around the city and making unforgettable memories together. You will definitely feel the spirit of nightlife in London, thanks to our girls, who know the city in great detail.

Going for a walk in the city

This would not be your ordinary walk, by no means. You will be accompanied by one of our gorgeous girls who can show you around the city and all its landmarks, giving you interesting tips and information about London. So if your mates are in town, you could bring along one of our girls who would fit in perfectly as your partner.


For any couple, interested in spicing up their regular evenings, rest assured our London escorts will cater to your every need. We can provide a charming, attractive and playful girl, who will be a wonderful companion for your pleasure and entertainment.